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2005 Club Medal

Burge's Drive-In, Modesto
Michael Tandy

100 Silver (numbered)
100 Antique Bronze
100 Bronze

THE STORY: Burge's Drive-In opened around 1952 and closed its doors in approximately 1966. It was located at 1514 9th Street (corner of 9th and "O" Streets) near the downtown cruising on 10th & 11th Streets. It was a round building with intercom ordering systems, roller-skating carhops to deliver your order right to your car and jukeboxes blasting tunes from the 50's and 60's. The drive-in and cruising scenes inspired George Lucas's film "American Graffiti". It was based on his experiences as a teenager in Modesto. Burge's Drive-In was a place where kids showed off their cars while observing who was there, and with whom. The drive-in was a relatively inexpensive way to spend a leisurely summer evening.

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