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Club Medal Design Rules

  1. The design must be presented on plain paper in a circle eight inches in diameter.
  2. The subject matter of the design should be depicted as large as the circle will allow (approximately 75%). Supplementary words can be placed in any or all of the remaining areas inside the circle. NOTE: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE.
  3. The subject may be presented as a photograph, penciled art or layout supported with or without pictures. Formal art is not necessary.
  4. The theme is generally one of historical nature as it pertains to Stanislaus County, but is open to your own ingenuity.
  5. No duplication of a prior subject matter will be permitted. Exception would be different anniversaries of the same event but a different design would be required. The Board of Directors has the discretion to determine what is considered a different design.
  6. The obverse side of the medallion will be the club logo.
  7. Each submission maybe accompanied by a written statement of no more than 50 words, providing an explanation of the design, including if it is time-sensitive (example: a significant anniversary year), any historical/cultural merit(s), and any other possible reason why it should be chosen.
  8. You may submit up to three different designs.
  9. If your entry is of commercial or private subject matter, submit written permission from the appropriate authority with your entry. If written permission has not been granted, the entry will be disqualified from being judged and returned to the designer.
  10. All entries must be submitted at the same prescribed time to the board of directors for approval at the next board meeting. Judging by the membership will take place during the following general meeting.
  11. All designs considered to be in bad taste by the board of directors will be disqualified from competition and returned to the designer.
  12. The winning design becomes the property of the club. All other designs will be returned to the designers.
  13. The club board of directors reserves the right to modify the winning design to meet the requirements of the minting process or to make minor corrections. Any modifications will be reviewed with the designer. No modifications will be permitted by the designer after the judging.
  14. The medal designer’s initials will be added to the design after the judging. The location may by selected by the designer with approval of the board of directors.
  15. All paid-up members of the club are eligible to participate.
  16. The designs for the club medallions began in 1986 lets keep it alive!

The above rules were approved
by the board of directors
March 4, 2009

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* Modesto, CA * 95353-1672

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